How to play

To learn the game, we suggest first selecting ‘tutorial’ in the main menu. This will guide you through the game controls, including how to attack, defend and counter attack. Try the ‘novice’ game mode if you’re just starting out.

The game is all about timing: correctly respond to attacks as late as possible to surprise the opponent and counter attack.

Control scheme

Move and side step

Horizontal attack

Vertical attack




Game options

Click to switch between full screen and windowed mode

Click to activate the settings window.

Click to enable / disable audio.

Gameplay tips

If you want to successfully defeat opponents in hard mode, here are some tips that the basic tutorial doesn’t cover:

360 degree counter attack

If an enemy attacks you with a vertical hit, quickly side-step and press Z or X to perform a 360 attack. When you hit the opponent, you will inflict more damage.

Respond to an attack with opposite move

If the opponent attacks with a horizontal move and you respond with a vertical (or vice-versa), you will inflict slightly more damage.


When you press the [BACK] + [X] or [BACK] + [Z] keys, you will kick the opponent. This attack cannot be blocked - the only way to dodge this attack is by side-stepping. If your opponent manages to side-step your kick attack, you will be left exposed and vulnerable to a counter attack.

Technical requirements

This game requires the Unity plugin, which should install automatically on your PC or Mac. If not, please download the plugin from

The Hobbit training game is a high-end 3D game experience, so you’ll need a modern computer to run the game. If you experience a choppy frame-rate, click the “settings” icon and set the graphics quality to “low”. Also, full-screen performance will generally be slower than playing the game in windowed mode.