• Jaeger Designer Help


    Welcome to the Jaeger Designer. With this application you can design your own custom Jaeger as seen in the Pacific Rim movie. Pose the Jaeger in your very own poster and share with your friends.

    Create a new Jaeger

    Start the Jaeger Designer application by clicking the ‘Create Your Jaeger’ in the main menu. After the application has loaded you can see the three steps to creating and sharing a Jaeger.

    The Construct Tab

    The first stage of creating your custom Jaeger is to select a body-part with the mouse. Notice that the 'Attach Items' icons in the menu change to applicable Body-Parts, clicking on them will swap out the part. your Jaeger and determining the look of your Jaeger.

    You can change the look for each body-part by selecting an effect and decal from the lower menu.

    The Color Tab

    Click the '2. Color' tab in the top-menu to bring up the color page. You can apply a specific color by using the 'color picker' in the left menu. Select 'Primary', 'Secondary' or 'Decal' to color each section.

    You can change the level of reflection of your Jaeger by selecting a material.

    The Create Poster Tab

    The final phase of your Jaeger is to create a poster. In the left menu you can choose a poster design from the ‘Select a Poster’ menu. Each poster has been optimized for mobile phones with a vertical and horizontal orientation or you can select a HD resolution for desktop use. You can also choose a name, pose and a country flag.

    After selecting a poster of your liking, you can choose to share the design via Facebook or Twitter with the sharing option. Or you can download the design to your computer with the ‘Download to disk’ option.

    Saving and loading your design

    Facebook users have the option to save up to 4 designs for later reference and to use your custom Jaeger in the Jaeger Pilot training action game. Connect the application to your Facebook account with the bottom right ‘Facebook log-in’ button. After successfully connecting to Facebook, you can save your designs by clicking the ‘save design’ button in the ‘Construct’ and ‘Tweak’ tab.

    If you want to load a previously saved design, return to the main menu by clicking the ‘Quit’ button in the top-right menu.